When your little ones can’t be at home, we have a home-away-from-home waiting for them at The Cottage.

And within the walls of our home-away-from-home, they’ll find a team of supporting and loving carers who treat them like family. It’s all part of the boutique difference.

Our team members didn’t just find a job…they found an extended family.

The Cottage is guided by family values, but it’s a family we’ve chosen with the utmost care. There’s a lot we look for when selecting our team members, but these four points are our fundamentals. 


Taking charge of a room filled with children will always have its challenges. We seek out people who can meet these challenges with a laugh and a smile, bursting with a contagious positivity that can last a whole work week long.


Whether it’s a sniffy nose, a grazed knee or a yearning for Mum. Sometimes our kids need a kind heart to see them through the day. Our team members are naturally loving individuals who will treat your children with genuine warmth and sensitivity.


Seriousness doesn’t make it far in our recruitment process. We look for the type of person that finds fun in admiring flowers, playing make-believe games and even changing nappies. To be a Cottage team member, you can’t be afraid to be silly.

Exceptionally trained

Beyond possessing the personality traits and general good nature we look for, our team members need to be exceptionally well trained. Beyond the usual certifications and government checks, we seek out those with many years of childcare and kindergarten experience comfortably under their belt.

We care for your children

as if they were our own.

We know that leaving your child in someone else’s care is a big decision. It’s a responsibility we take seriously every second of the day.

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